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 [READ BEFORE POSTING!]Staff Application Format and Guidelines

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PostSubject: [READ BEFORE POSTING!]Staff Application Format and Guidelines   Sun May 19, 2013 9:44 am

Real Name:
In-Game Name :
Timezone / Country:
Age :
More about yourself:
Stats picture (/stats) :
Why you want join into our staff team ? (Minimum 150 words) :
Why we should accept you ? (Minimum 50 words) :
Rate your English knowledge(?/10):
If you got accepted, do you agree that if you Abused/Flamed you will get demoted/fired?:
Any alternate account ? If yes,post it right here :
Have you ever been banned in our server ? If yes,what is the reason ? :
Do you have warnings? If yes,what is the reason ? :
Have you read our requirements for being staff ? :


DO NOT use vote-polls at your application!!!
Any application without this Format will be ignored, closed and moved directly to "Denied" board.

By fullfilling all these things rightly and honestly, it's easy to become a moderator.

Note: The longer the application is, the better chances you have to become moderator!
But: This does not mean adding useless stuff to your application.

Thank you and Good luck
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[READ BEFORE POSTING!]Staff Application Format and Guidelines
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