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 staff application

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PostSubject: staff application   Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:15 pm

Real Name:[/color] Adam

In-Game Name : jacads

Timezone / Country: USA

Age : 15

More about yourself: I love gta sa mp and i love your server

XP: 12k

Stats picture (/stats) : I don't have sorry about that

Why you want join into our staff team ? (Minimum 150 words) :
I want to join your staff to make you server more popular and more crowed. I want to join you staff team so nobody ever breaks a rule or do anything that is bad. Also I would look for people who BH, SK, scamming or do anything else. First I will give them a warning that another warning then ban them. I think we can make your server more crowded in many ways. My best reason is me I will bring people into this server and they will have a good time on this server forever.

Why we should accept you ? (Minimum 50 words) :
You guys should accept me because in the morning me and med had a deal he said if you bring people into our server I will make you a admin level 3 and vip level 2. So I agreed and when I came back on the server he called me nood and said sorry. I was mad and he broke his promise.

Rate your English knowledge(?/10): 9

If you got accepted, do you agree that if you Abused/Flamed you will get demoted/fired?: Yes

Any alternate account ? If yes,post it right here : nope

Have you ever been banned in our server ? If yes,what is the reason ? : nope

Do you have warnings? If yes,what is the reason ? : nope

Have you read our requirements for being staff ? : Yes
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PostSubject: Re: staff application   Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:56 am

Staff applications are currently closed.
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PostSubject: Re: staff application   Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:18 pm

Stuff application are Closed.

Try ur luck next time when they will be open.

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PostSubject: Re: staff application   

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staff application
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