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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Sun May 19, 2013 11:30 am

1. Insulting/Blaming >> As a clan member(s),you are now not known as regular player again but more higher than regular player.So you aren't suppose to insult other clan member(s) and including admins
Punishment(s) :
- 1 clan strikes given
- Clan leader 3 days ban

2. Using hacks (Airbreak/Health Hack) >> You have joined a clan which all player will known that you are thrustworthy players.You aren't suppose to use any kind of hacks
Punishment(s) :
- Kick from clan without requestable + 1 month ban from server

3. Illegal Mod >> You are not suppose to use parkour mod,cam hack mod or any kind of illegal mod.
Punishment(s) :
- Kick from clan
- Ban 1 weeks if needed

4. Trolling >> You just can change clan once per 2 weeks and you may not create new account for joining other clan.Also you may not change name without leader confirmation and leader should confirm it to level 6+ admin by PM or change name request board.
Punishment(s) :
- Permanently denied from joining clan

4. C-Bugging >> As a clan member(s),you are not suppose to use C-Bugging.
Punishment(s) :
- 1 clan strikes given
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Clan Rules
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