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 Clan name change... ♦ ♦

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Clan name change... ♦ ♦ Empty
PostSubject: Clan name change... ♦ ♦   Clan name change... ♦ ♦ EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 6:27 am


I know the server is off, SupermaN and Cypress are doing their best to get it on.

My clan name sucks! Sad   Who can get me a better name for my clan? Note I won't take any clan names that you found from other servers. Example, not taking the [STARS] Special Tactics and Rescue Service, I need a clan name that shows that we are both human and zombie, example, the Umbrella Corporation, I wanted to use [ZF] Zombie Tactics and Killing Forces, idk whether it is good or stupid. The one to get me a good name gets 5000 XP.

Thank you,

Don't say something stupid about this post,


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Clan name change... ♦ ♦
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